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Sustainable supply chains, through smart dispute management. That's us.

We're the only Financial Integrity and Dispute Management ™ (FIDM) operating system, globally.

Businesses choose us to resolve supplier disputes, remove cost, eradicate business disruption, and support stronger commercial relationships.

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One simple platform.

How it works

root cause analysis, and action

We get to the root of disputes for you, and we fix it.

We review and shape good contracts, we identify and renovate weak controls, and we solve challenges.

Ground Work -
Commercial Resilience Testing ™ (CRT)

We assess and improve your supply chains resilience to commercial stress, including litigation, costs, operational disruption, and reduced management capacity.

Just as penetration testing assesses vulnerabilities in IT security, CRT focuses on your organisation's ability to maintain operational integrity.

We work through 3 gates: contracts, cost, and controls.

Resolution -
Three Strand Management ®

We provide an online platform to support your supply chain.

We resolve conflict and disputes as they happen, in days.

Our approach is unique, designed to build more effective commercial relationships and enable the prudent management of costs.

Gate 1:
Best-In-Class Contracts

Every year, business risk shifts as business priorities change. But we've found many contracts are static. The legal bits are covered, but the commercial content is thin and old.

We review and shape contracts to fit the 'now', as well as the 1-5 years into the future they are usually purposed to cover.

We tackle growing areas of conflict, like ESG for organisations who are embedding sustainability goals and objectives into their corporate agenda. Of course, we also build in specific content on conflict management and dispute prevention.

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Net Zero
Dispute Management
Conflict Resolution
Contract Drafting and Review
Gate 2:
Rapidly Resolving Conflict

Three Strand Management ® (TSM) is the gold standard in dispute management and powers our solution.

For companies with a backlog of customer or supplier disputes (it happens), our 9-month programme swiftly cleans up this backlog, saving millions of pounds in costs from carefully identified routes.

We also put in the work to restore valuable commercial relationships, despite any turbulent history, and we're very good at it.

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Financial Health
Stability and Growth
Cost Savings
Commercial Transactions
Gate 3:
Reinvigorating Commercial Controls

Smart controls protect market value, financial stability, and mitigate financial risks.

Workforces are busy, and most of your resource will be focused on delivery. This means it's common for many months to pass without any resource having the capacity to dedicate to commercial controls.

We keep a continuous pulse on your commercial controls for you.

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Commercial Controls
Market Value
Financial Stability
Financial Risk
Business Health
Who we are

Globally, businesses leak billions per year in disputes. Protracted conflict and disputes jeopardise a company's financial health, stability, and growth.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of excellence in sustainable supply chains, through dispute management.

Our founder

Fayola-Maria Jack
Founder & Chief Evangelist for Better Dispute Management.

"Jack & Ko. was founded to solve the growing volume of commercial disputes and its impact on business operations, financial stability, and the economy.

Jack is also my late father. I followed his footsteps into law, and he believed in some really important dispute principles -
planning for the long term, decency, order, responsibility, managing money well. This is the house that Jack built.

The Financial Integrity and Dispute Management™ (FIDM) operating system helps businesses deal with disputes rapidly and proactively, delivering improved control, more favourable commercial outcomes, and more prudent cost management.

Great solution design and attention to detail makes Jack & Ko. the simplest and most effective form of sustainable dispute management."

What we stand for

Our values

Our core values sit at the heart of everything we do.

Excellence in Know-How

We're hot on domain knowledge, and we're continuously seeking out new information and learning.

Excellence in Sustainability

We're here for the long term, and we're committed to solving the changing needs and goals of businesses.

Excellence in Delivery

We listen attentively, to deliver outcomes with impact. And we continuously innovate to meet those outcomes.

Our Climate Pledge

We're sustainable from the inside out. We commit 1% of all our revenue to carbon removal initiatives. To date, we've funded over 40 initiatives in 39 countries.

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