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Proven Success: Transformative Outcomes

Explore how our innovative solution drives significant cost reduction and strengthens commercial relationships, across industries.

private sector

Driving change for a leading financial institution

Within the financial services sector, disputes are not uncommon given the complex nature of financial products. The goal was to resolve the disputes commercially, outside of formal litigation, minimising financial losses and preserving relationships.


A bank found itself facing a series of 'late stage' commercial disputes with SME customers, that had escalated to the point of litigation.


Delivering exceptional outcomes

Cost Savings

Within a period of 10 months, the bank achieved savings of over £50 million per dispute. These savings were realised through non-financial settlements, avoiding the expense of prolonged legal back and forth, and court proceedings.

Enhanced Reputation

Successfully managing these disputes for the commercial banking division reinforced the banks reputation as a bank that is willing to work towards fair solutions and repair relationships, even in complex litigation scenarios.

Preserved Relationships

By actively seeking mutually beneficial commercial solutions, the bank was able to preserve, and in some cases significantly enhance, its ongoing relationships with SME clients, fostering stronger, more collaborative relationships.

Strategic Insights

The process provided valuable insights into effective dispute prevention and resolution, thereby informing robust future strategies for managing SME relationships and minimising potential litigation risks more effectively.

public sector

Transforming operations in the Public Sector

The organisation faced a series of supplier disputes within a £6bn portfolio. The nature of these disputes varied but commonly involved disagreements over contract terms, delivery schedules, and performance.


These disputes were at an 'early stage,' meaning they had not yet escalated to litigation, but they posed a substantial risk of financial loss and operational delays.


Producing outstanding results

Cost Savings

Within 10 months, the organisation banked savings of approximately £153 million. These savings were a direct result of avoiding costly legal back and forth and reducing project delays.

Commercial Relationship

By focusing on collaboration and mutual benefit, the organisation and its suppliers were able to work together more effectively, laying the groundwork for a more successful future.

Operational Efficiency

By resolving disputes early, the organisation significantly minimised disruptions to its critical infrastructure and key defence platforms, ensuring operational continuity.

Strategic Learning

We provided valuable insights and numerous opportunities to substantially improve contracts, enhance project management practices, and strengthen supplier engagement.